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How to Build Limestone Powder Production Line?2017-03-15 09:04:37

 Limestone is not just built by limestone grinding mill. There is many other mining equipment in one limestone powder production line. The whole limestone powder production line is mainly be divided into four parts as follows.


Crushing: Usually, befor we use the limestone grinding mill the limestone process usually has such big sizes that it is impossible to be used to grinder powder due to the limited size of the input opening. So big stones have to be crushed into the centimeters. We recommend hammer crushers or small jaw crushers here.


Elevating: The feeding opening is usually at the top of the frame, so the raw materials have to be elevated to the top of the machine for feeding. The bucket elevator is the best equipment for you here in a small occupied area to ensure the smooth feeding.


limestone grinding mill


Powder grinding: This is the core part of the whole grinding plant. It usually comprises of a grinding mill. With the action of rollers, the material is grinded to a high fineness until being discharged. In this step, we usually use a limestone grinding mill.


Dust cleaning: This is the final step of the powder production. There is always a serious dust raising during the working of grinder mills, which not only cause the pollution but also hurt the health of workers. So Shanghai Clirik limestone grinding mill is equipped with an advanced dust cleaning system to filtrate more than 95% of the dust.


Above four points are mainly parts of one limestone powder production line. If you want to build one limestone powder production line or wnat to buy one limestone grinding mill. You can contact us, thanks a lot.


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