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Do You Know Working Principle of Limestone Process Plant2017-04-18 09:53:02

There are many types of limestone process plant in China. The main structure of the utility model comprises a host machine, a classifier and an electromagnetic vibrating feeder. When you are decided to buy a limestone process plant, Clirik engineer will provide you with the whole machine equipment price, and according to your actual situation for you to choose other accessories.


When the limestone process plant is running, the material from the feed inlet, the device and the host cavity on the rotary body of high-strength wear-resistant hammer, hammer or rod for crushed material impact rotation, rotation and collision with back impact rotary material and the material of the material and corresponding to the fineness index required by the parser, sorting after the fineness of the airflow driven into the cyclone collector, were isolated and collected, fine powder by product ejector powder, air suction blower via the collector top return air duct, a fan impeller driven by the airflow into the limestone process plant host, which in turn. Excess gas entering the material flows through the filter and then discharges. The upper end of the fan is equipped with adjustable air volume valve, so that the air volume is small and the fineness is high, and the air volume is low. Can also adjust the speed of the upper end of the analyzer, the speed of the analyzer is a high fineness, low speed and low fineness.


limestone process plant


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