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High Technical Limestone Processing Plant in Shanghai2017-05-16 09:12:15

With foreign high-grade limestone is a non-metallic mineral common. China is rich in limestone mineral resources, accounting for more than 64% of the total reserves of the world, is a kind of natural resource advantage. The developed countries such as Japan. The United States in terms of limestone utilization and deep processing of fruits with patent 400- 500. I will share some information about our limestone processing plant for you.


In recent years, China into foreign markets, promotes domestic technological progress, accelerate the rapid growth of China's limestone processing varieties, and toward diversification. Specialization. The fine direction of rapid development. Expands the application field of more.


limestone processing plant


Shanghai Clirik Machine Co. Ltd. as a professional limestone processing plant manufacturer. In the industry known as "powder experts" reputation. Over the years not only committed to the development and manufacture of superfine grinding machine. But also inject new vitality to the development of grinding industry. Three speeds of superfine grinding machine are developed by our company patent product has a pivotal position in the field of powder grinding equipment. Its technical content is much higher than that of Raymond mill. High pressure grinding mill. Small and medium service life in general industrial milling machine more than 2 times.



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