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Limestone Powder Grinding Machine, Limestone Grinding Mill, Limestone Powder Making2017-10-31 08:55:49

For many limestone powder producers, it’s very important to have a good quality limestone grinding mill, so that can ensure their output and product quality. Shanghai Clirik is one of the limestone powder grinding mill manufacturers in China. And we can supply good quality and high efficient limestone grinding mill for our customers. Let’s know more about our limestone grinding mill now.


limestone grinding mill


Shanghai Clirik HGM series limestone grinding mill not only can be used in limestone powder grinding, it also can process other types of stone powder, such as: calcium carbonate, dolomite, feldspar, talc, calcite, carbon black, and other more than 150 kinds of raw materials. However, use our limestone grinding mill to profess stone powder is better than metal powder.


limestone grinding mill application


Our Clirik limestone grinding mill also have lots of advantages:

1. The important parts of limestone grinding mill are made of high quality steel, wear-resistant parts are high performance wear resistant materials, the whole machine wear resistance, reliable operation.

2. Limestone grinding mill electric system adopts centralized control, mill workshop can basically realize unmanned operation.

3. Limestone grinding mill finished powder, fineness even, pass screening rate of 99%, this is other flour milling equipment is difficult to have.


limestone grinding mill advantages


As for the working principle of our limestone grinding mill:

When the materials are sent into the grinding chamber, they are brought to the space between the roller and ring and get grind. Then the powder grind will be blown into separator. The fine powder after departed with the air is discharged through the outlet as final product. The large-sized powder falls back for regrinding. The air will be back to the blower for repetition of the above process. The left air will come to the bag filter to get cleaned. When the wear and tear between roller and the ring reaches certain degree, adjust the length of the strong spring, so to keep the invariable pressure between the roller and the ring, to make sure the stable production and the fineness.


limestone grinding mill working principle


If you are interested in this limestone powder making machine or you wan to know more information about our limestone grinding mill, welcome to inquiry. Our Sales manager or technical engineer would contact you as soon as possible.


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