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Need to Pay Attention to When Using Limestone Grinding Mill2017-11-14 09:17:30

The work of limestone grinding mill was usually placed in the dust, if these debris into the mechanical equipment, to mechanical fitting on the surface, the harm to a certain extent will continue to rise, it will not only make the relative movement block, the degree of wear parts greatly damaged, scratches with the surface damage of the lubricating oil, grinding, prompting parts temperature continuously increased oil deterioration.


limestone grinding mill


To this end, the limestone grinding mill work environment, to use a high quality, supporting parts and oil or grease, blocking the source of harmful substances. The two is to do the mechanical protective effect of site work, ensure that each part of the mining machinery to work, prevent all kinds of debris into the internal machinery, mechanical damage caused by bad, faulty machinery, as soon as possible to the regular maintenance factory to repair, to repair site, must be prepared to work, to prevent the repair the scene of the contaminated parts.


In the process of lime stone powder machine work in various parts have their normal temperature range, for example, the general cooling water temperature is generally at 80-90 DEG C, the hydraulic system at 30-60 DEG C, too high or too low will cause parts of the accelerated wear, caused by oil metamorphism, caused by change of material properties etc..


limestone grinding mill


To this end, when we are using limestone grinding mill, we must ensure to prevent temperature overload, ensure the normal operation of low temperature pre stage, the machine has reached the specified temperature after operation or don't work, because I had no problems and neglect its important role; two to prevent mechanical operation under high temperature, mechanical in the process of operation should always check the value of each thermometer, found that the problem should be immediately shut down for inspection, found that failure to timely. For those who can not find a reason, can not be treated and still make the mechanical work. In peacetime work, always pay attention to check operation of cooling system.


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