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What’s the Price of Limestone Grinding Mill in Pakistan2017-11-28 09:09:27

As we all know, the limestone is one of very common stone materials, after be grind into limestone powder, it can be widely used in the fillers for rubber, plastics, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, and so on. A few days ago, our customer service staff had pick one Pakistan customer, and he want to know the price of our limestone grinding mill, do you have the same question like him? I will tell you what’s the price of our limestone grinding mill now.


That customer want to know, what’s the highest and lowest price of our Clirik grinding mill. Because, according to the different demand of different customer powder output, the different models of powder grinding mill will be recommended for him by our sales manager. Take an very simple example, if you want to buy one grinding mill which output is 40 t/h, we will recommend you use our HGM1680L limestone powder grinding mill. However, the output is not as much as that, we will supply HGM80 or HGM90 superfine powder grinding mill for you.


limestone grinding mill


Most of our customers are willing to choose our HGM80 or HGM90 limestone grinding mill, because, these two types of limestone grinding mill are both high efficient and cheaper price, and there is also a reason that they have not a very large output demand. So, tell us what’s the output demand of your actual output plan. We will recommend the most suitable machine for you.


Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional limestone grinding mill manufacturer. If you are interested in our limestone grinding mill or other mining equipment, you can leave your message on our website, our sale manager would tell you what’s the price of grinding mill that you need. Thanks for your reading, and have a good time.


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