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Limestone Powder Use and Limestone Grinding Mill2017-12-19 09:19:04

Limestone Use Range

Limestone is one of calcium carbonate which deposited in the lake sea, after the loss of water, the tight pressure cementation and formation of rock, called limestone. The main mineral components of the limestone are calcite and some other impurities such as clay and silt. The formation and biological role of the vast majority of limestone, biological remains accumulation of limestone coral limestone, algal limestone, limestone in general biology. Limestone is an important industrial raw material in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, construction, agriculture and other special industrial sectors.


Limestone Grinding Mill

limestone grinding mill

Limestone grinding mill is one of common limestone powder making machines. Compare with other powder grinding mills, the limestone grinding mill has a higher efficient, the finish powder fineness made by limestone grinding mill can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 3000 mesh, and finish powder capacity of limestone grinding mill also can up to 45 tons per hour. Besides the limestone, it also can be used in dolomite, calcium carbonate, carbon black, calcite, gypsum, feldspar, kaolin, talc and other more than 100 kinds of stone materials grinding. And the limestone grinding mill also has lots of advantages, such as: energy saving, environment protect and so on.


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