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Limestone Raymond Mill2018-01-09 08:49:03

Compare with the superfine limestone powder grinding mill, the limestone Raymond mill is one of the traditional limestone powder making machines; in a other word, the limestone Raymond mill is older than superfine powder grinding mill. However, the limestone Raymond mill can be used in both coarse limestone powder and micro powder grinding. So the limestone Raymond mill has a higher cost performance. Let’s know more information about the limestone Raymond mill.

limestone Raymond mill

Name: Limestone Raymond Mill
Model: YGM&MTM
Input Size: below 20mm
Finish Powder Fineness: could be adjusted between 50 mesh to 500 mesh
Output: 20 tons per hour
Application: including limestone, and other more than 200 kinds of stone materials grinding, such as: dolomite, calcium carbonate, calcite, carbon black, kaolin and so on.

Compare with other grinding mill, what advantages our limestone Raymond mill has?

1.Compared with the ball mill, the Raymond mill has higher efficiency, lower power consumption, smaller covered area, less investment.
2.The grinding roller compressed on the grinding ring tightly due to the centrifugal force.
3.The output and fineness of the finished product will not be affected when the grinding ring is worn to a certain degree.
4.The grinding roller and the grinding ring have a long replacement period, so it gets rid of the shortcoming that the wear parts of centrifugal mills have a short replacement period.
5.The classifying airflow of the Raymond mill flows according to the recycling process as: the fan mill shell cyclone separator the fan.
6.Compared with the high speed centrifugal grinder, there is less powder dust, and the operation room is clean without any pollution.


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