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30-3000 Mesh Limestone Grinding Mill for Limestone Powder Production2018-01-30 09:06:32

limestone grinding mill introduction

limestone grinding mill is base on my company's wear-resistant equipment and technology experts' many years of research on industrial mill, absorb the lessons of Germany and Japan advanced fineness classification technique, based on principles of fluid mechanics, develop the efficiency micro pulverizer plant which can be compared with the jet mill, the output and power all reached the national standard, ranking in domestic and international advanced level, be praised from users in all sectors.

limestone grinding mill

limestone grinding mill features

1. Low investment, high efficiency and fast recovery

2. Applicable over large areas, may be grind a variety of materials below the hardness of six.

3. Self-made system, little of the production part, the material which below 25mm can be processed directly into the machine.

4. No pollution,the result of eliminate dust is fully meet the national standards.

5. High air proof of the grinding roller device.

limestone grinding mill

limestone grinding mill advantages

1. High-output, low energy consumption.

limestone grinding mill has more 40% of output than the jet mill grinding, while its energy consumption is only one-third of air current mill

2. high fineness of product

May regulate between the mesh 300 mesh -3000 mesh if necessary, product degree of fineness can be up to D97 <5um in one time.

3. high of safety and reliability

No grinding rolling in cavity,no screws, so there is no question of abrasion between bearing seals and its accessory, there is no problem that it is easy to damage the machine because of the loosening screws.

4. Clean, green

Pulse dust collector and the muffler's use to reduce the dust pollution and noise ,all of them reach the national environmental standards.


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