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How can the final product quality be guaranteed?2018-03-29 10:09:07


CLUM Series Ultra-fine Vertical Roller Mill can be widely used in large-scale process of ultra-fine dry powder of non-metallic materials such as limestone, calcite and so on. It is especially good at processing white non-metallic ore materials.
And how can the final product quality be guaranteed?
Firstly, the coarse granular and impurities will fall into the lower grinding chamber, and be discharged out by the scraping plate.
Secondly, random adjustment of rotor speed is available because the high-precision multihead classifier inside the machine is adopted by frequency control, thus producing various powder particle size.
Thirdly, it can be achieved that adjusting the roller pressure by changing the hydraulic system pressure. This means the machine can be used in processing materials with different hardness.
In addition, the electronic caging device guarantees the safety gap between roller and plate, which effectively avoids the strenuous vibration for lacking of feeding.1.jpg

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