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Limestone powder in four different specifications and Raymond mill2018-08-22 08:58:52

 Limestone is the main source of calcium carbonate commonly used in industry. There are many grinding machines for processing limestone. According to the different range of discharge size and the different requirements of output, the suitable limestone grinding machine can be different, such as Raymond mill, high-pressure medium-speed grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill and so on.
The common processing technology of limestone is to use special grinding mill to grind it into powder. The limestone can be directly ground to obtain heavy calcium carbonate. According to the grinding fineness, the limestone can be divided into four different specifications in industry and they are respectively used in various industrial sectors.
The first one is used in the production of anhydrous calcium chloride and is an auxiliary material for the production of sodium dichromate. The main raw materials for glass and cement production are also this kind of limestone.
The second kind is the raw material for producing anhydrous calcium chloride and glass, the white filler for rubber and paint. The third one is used as filler for plastic, putty, paint, plywood and paint.
Now, let’s move to the fourth one. It is used as the filler for wire insulation, rubber moulded products and asphalt felt. Because the active reaction of limestone is closely related to available magnesium content, hardness, particle size, crystalline morphology and so on, improving the limestone discharge size is an important research direction of the technical development of limestone grinding machine in the industry. Besides, the output limestone fineness is also an important standard to judge the performance of various limestone grinding machines. At present, the limestone grinding mills introduced by various domestic manufacturers are developed from the traditional Raymond mill, which is specially suitable for the limestone deep processing production. It is called limestone Raymond mill in the industry. This series of limestone grinding machines adopts more mature grinding process design, and can be well applied to the processing of limestone.
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