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Four reasons for modification of ultrafine calcium carbonate powder2020-04-22 11:02:57

1.Broaden the application field
Due to the large specific surface area of ultra-fine powder, calcium carbonate that has not been modified by the powder surface modifier has poor compatibility in the process of use, and it is easy to reunite and return to coarse flocculation. Obviously, the surface-modified calcium carbonate will have better hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, lower oil absorption value, dispersibility, hiding rate, and color, and be better applied to plastics, coatings, rubber, papermaking, sealants, and breathable films And other high-end areas, improve product quality, while further reducing the production costs of application companies.
2. Improve more functional characteristics of calcium carbonate powder
Calcium carbonate without surface modification can only be used as a traditional filling material. Once factors such as agglomeration or coverage are affected, it will affect the performance of the original product. For example, calcium carbonate coated with silica on the surface can be partially replaced White carbon black and supplementary white carbon black lack some performance. Light calcium carbonate coated with metal on the surface can improve some special properties of rubber products. Calcium carbonate composite material coated with titanium dioxide can replace titanium dioxide to a certain extent. Treatment with phosphate, aluminate, silicate or barium salts can prepare acid-resistant calcium carbonate.
3. Improve the added value of calcium carbonate products
Unmodified calcium carbonate powder is a common problem in the industry due to overcapacity in the country. However, calcium carbonate modified by powder surface modifier has significantly improved the use effect and improved the performance of downstream products. With a good user experience, product prices will naturally increase, but the final cost will drop a lot.
CLG calcium carbonate powder modification machine produced by our company has been put into practice in the market for more than a decade. If you have a need, please contact us and explain your requirements in details.
calcium carbonate powder modification machine

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