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Shanghai Clirik HGM Limestone Grinding Mill2015-05-25 10:51:03

Applications of Limestone grinding mill 

Limestone grinding mill belonging to a milling machine, mainly used for processing ore product category such as limestone. Limestone commonly used process is the use of special mechanical grinding mill to a powder, crushed limestone directly available heavy calcium carbonate, according to different grinding fineness, are used in various industrial sectors

1. For the production of anhydrous calcium chloride, sodium dichromate production of secondary raw materials. The main raw material of glass and cement production. In addition, for the building materials and poultry feed.

2. For the production of anhydrous calcium chloride and glass of white packing materials, rubber and paint, and building materials.

Used as plastics, paint putty, paint, plywood and paint filler.

4. used as a filler wire insulation layer, molded rubber products as well as asphalt filler made of linoleum.


Limestone Mill Introduction

Limestone in the country are very widespread, abundant,it is widely used precious resources. Usually used as building materials, it is an important raw material in many industries. The manufacture of Portland cement can be used to produce high-grade paper coating grade calcium carbonate products. Process for the production of filler in plastics, paints and so on. Machinery used in the production of foundry sand. Production of desulfurization absorber. For the production of lime, lime passivation. Limestone calcination to produce active lime, and through the passivation process produces lime.

Limestone Mill Scope

Limestone grinding mill for grinding barite, limestone, ceramics, slag, etc. Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3 non-explosive mining, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and other industries than 280 kinds of milling and processing of materials. Limestone flour can be used for desulfurization plant, building use, high-speed roads, mineral flotation, etc., it can also be used for cement grinding station.

Shanghai Clirik limestone grinding mill manufacturers according to the unique physical and chemical properties of limestone, have launched specifically for limestone powder processing mill system limestone, limestone grinding mill is mine in a mill, it is mainly used for processing such as limestone class ore products.

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