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limestone grinding mill widely used2015-06-01 16:51:39


Limestone grinding mill system equipment mainly refers to the limestone mill, limestone milling process is relatively simple, we can effectively enhance the efficiency of limestone grinding mill by selecting a suitable grinding mill equipment, less wind the election process.

 limestone grinding mill

Shanghai Clirik limestone grinding mill process: limestone raw materials used dump trucks into the plant, is discharged into the weighing room after unloading indoor underground discharge hopper and then through an electromagnetic vibrating feeder and hoist the its delivery to the raw material storage. Grinding system from raw material storage and reclaimer, after the governor electronic belt materials to measure quantitatively the limestone raw material uniformly and stably feed mill in fine Limestone. Limestone processing grinding mill, processing out of the finished powder is ultra-fine limestone powder.


Fineness limestone powder processing using this kind of equipment can be up to 3000 mesh, and can be freely adjusted between 300-3000 mesh customers according to different requirements of customers on the line processing, limestone grinding mill system is one commonly used in industrial production system , using reasonable milling system equipment can reduce the work intensity.Clirik grinding mill Machine Co., Ltd. is the only company specializing in the production of limestone milling system equipment business, the company is the main equipment of limestone ultrafine mill, the mill has five kinds of models for customers to choose. Customers can be processed according to production requirements or customized requirements of environmental protection.

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