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how much does the limestone grinding machine price?2015-06-08 15:00:17

Complete Limestone grinding machine mainly consist of main unit, classifier, powder collector, dust cleaner, blower, muffler, sound-proof room, crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, and vibrating feeder.


Almost every day, I will meet one same question—how much money does this limestone grinding machine cost? Almost 33% web visitors would like to ask this question during our first communication on live-chat. I would like to answer it immediately if I have gotten all necessary information. In fact, it is impossible to answer the limestone grinding machine price immediately.


1. What influence the limestone grinding machine price?


Generally speaking, most of our clients need one complete grinding plant building project solution when they firstly get in touch with us. Only 1% clients just want one limestone grinding machine only. 

 As to one complete grinding plant project, it usually consists of many machines, such as jaw crusher, hammer crusher, limestone grinding machine and dust-cleaning equipments. So many factors will influence its budget. For instance, 

 a) The capacity and the discharging powder size affect the limestone grinding machine model. There is no doubt that different limestone grinding machine model means different prices. 

 b) Many customers’ raw material size is quite small and the size meet the feeding size of limestone grinding machine very well, the jaw crusher or hammer crusher is useless and can be saved. Otherwise, the grinding system must be equipped with one crusher. So the cost will be quite different.

 c) If some clients’ project has strictly requirement to the environment protection, the design will be quite different and the price will be higher.


2. What you know about your project?


From our statistics, a few clients have clear sense about the limestone grinding machine project. Most of them are new in this industry and great many details must be confirmed one by one during further communication.


3. How to solve the problem?


Personally speaking, there is no shortcut but good communication. Usually we modify one draft many times until all details are identified. I keep the faith that clients and I are friends and good friends should assist each other intensely.


 Complete limestone grinding line is not only a  limestone grinding machine, and one limestone grinding machine price doesn’t mean the cost of one grinding line. Just keep communication, all questions will be not questions anymore.



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