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Processing Procedure of Limestone Grinding Mill2016-05-12 09:45:19

Limestone grinding mill is one of the main machines of producing limestone powder. For different purposes, they have different processing limestone, but also processing are closely linked. From breaking to crushing, grinding and then, to the ultra-fine grinding, due to different purposes, some of the process is optional. They need limestone crusher, limestone grinding mill, limestone powder packing machine mainly. Limestone processing is mainly crushing, classification and production of quicklime, slaked lime, precipitated calcium carbonate, ultra-fine (nanometer) calcium carbonate, carbon dioxide. Limestone is generally a dry grinding process, after the metallurgy, road with limestone, ore crushing and screening can be made. For powder products, ore directly after Raymond grinding mill,  jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher crushing, product fineness 100-325 mesh.

Limestone Ball Mill

Specific processing procedure of limestone grinding mill is as follows:

The first stage: the production of stone
People use crushing equipment to produce large pieces of limestone. It requires jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor to produce coarse aggregate used in construction;

The second stage: the production of fine material
After crushed by impact crusher, the material is delivered into vibrating screen for being dealed with. Larger particulate material returned to the impact crusher again to be crushed into finer product, and the crushed materials will go into the crusher for further crushing.

The third stage: powder
Limestone can also be made into sand, which use YMG high pressure mill or integrated hanging roller mill to achieve efficient milling and it has a high rate through the sieve, with a fine up to 200-300 mesh.

Fourth stage: the production of ultra-fine powder
Utra-fine powder is mainly applied to advanced fillers, such as cosmetics. Amy action of global women prompts cosmetics selling, and stimulates the development of ultra-fine powder. Shanghai Clirik ultrafine mill can produce filler with a size of approximate nanoscale.

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