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Why Limestone Mill Is An Important Equipment to Produce Desulfurizer2016-05-17 11:01:07

 Desulphurization process develops rapidly in recent years, and has become one of the most popular chemical treatment process in the world. There are over two hundred kinds until now, of which the most practical and mature is the limestone desulfurization. It makes limestone mill has a close relationship with producing desulphurization. United States, Japan and many other developed countries are using limestone mill as the main equipment to produce desulphurization.

China has a natural advantage in limestone mill’s assisting desulfurization process, because limestone is widely distributed in China. And limestone mill’s finished product- limestone powder has a wide use, including in construction industry, cement industry, and is also used as a filler of plastics and coatings.

Limestone Ball Mill

At first, limestone mill grinds limestone into powder, and we mix the powder with water according to certain ratio. In this process, harmful gases are absorbed, which effectively prevent environmental pollution. Produced gypsum can sequentially be used in construction and other industries, it’s more economical. Limestone mill is dedicated equipment to grind limestone, and it owns advanced milling technology of domestic and foreign. So limestone mill represents new powder processing equipment.

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