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What Are Common Limestone Grinding Mills?2016-05-19 10:01:10

 Limestone is a class of rich resources, whose price is low and use is wide. It is generally used as a raw material for the production of cement, and also an important raw material for many industries. Before used as a raw material, it should be crushed and grinded. It is inseparable from the limestone crusher and limestone mill.

Limestone Raymond Mill

There are some kinds of common limestone mill:
First one is limestone raymond mill. Pressing force from Rotating roller grinds the material to achieve the purpose of make powder.
Second one is limestone high pressure mill. The material is pressed against the disc by the external force, when the disc rotates, the roller rotates. And the material is grinded into powder.
Third one is limestone high-strength mill. It has the same principle with high pressure mill.
Fourth one is limestone ultra-fine mill. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the material scatters to the circumference, and falls into the raceway of grinding ring to be Punched and grinded.

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