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What ‘s The Yield of Limestone High Pressure Raymond Grinding Plant?2016-05-21 10:49:25

Limestone is carbonate rocks with calcite as main ingredient. Sometimes it contains dolomite, clay minerals and detrital minerals, has color of gray, gray, dark gray, yellow, light red, brown and red and other colors. Its hardness is generally small, and it ‘s very intense when mixed with dilute hydrochloric acid.


Limestone Raymond Mill


Energy-efficient limestone high pressure raymond grinding plant is an exclusive development and production, and it is a new type of mill equipment. This kind of limestone grinding plant can easily grind limestone into powder of 300mesh. And the ouput size is between 30 to 3000mesh. So it is currently the best equipment to make limestone powder in China. Limestone high pressure raymond grinding plant brings new vitality to our limestone powder industry. Currently, this type of limestone grinding plant is used in tens of thousands of projects at home and abroad. The effect is very obvious. In addition, high efficiency, fineness, and high throughput are major technical characteristics of the device.

In addition, energy-saving effect of our limestone high pressure raymond grinding plant is particularly good.

Meanwhile, We has developed the largest limestone high pressure raymond grinding plant in our country. It’s HGM125 limestone grinding plant. It makes the production of ultra-fine reach to more than 10T/H. This greatly improves the efficiency of production, particularly in the application process to carbon black powder processing. Our limestone high pressure raymond grinding plant is your ideal choice. Welcome to Shanghai Clirik Machinery.

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