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Factors of affectting Production of Limestone Grinding Mill2016-06-27 10:47:55

Limestone Grinding Mill has been able to have their own place in the market, its because the interests and convenience which their own nature brings to all walks of life. Limestone Grinding Mill is a equipment which can deal with material of same hardness with Limestone. In beneficiation process, we can divide ore into three ore hardness levels. More hard the ore is, the greater its compressive strength is, and more difficult to crush it.

Limestone Grinding Mill

1.In general, limestone humidity has little effect on grinding process, but when the limestone contains more dirt and slag, fine material will be glued to the coarse-grained material, thereby it increases the small revolves, reduce the rate of discharge and the productivity. Serious, or even cause obstruction of discharge date, affecting the normal production.
2.The proportion of Limestone impacts productivity of Limestone Grinding Mill. To the same Limestone Grinding Mill, when dealing Limestone with different specific gravities, its productivity must be different. When grind ore with high specific gravity, its production rate is high, otherwise, the productivity is low.
3. When Limestone is coarse particles, crushing ratio needed by Limestone Grinding Mill is increased. So the productivity is decreased. Otherwise, the production is high.

These factors have brought large or small effect to production of Limestone Grinding Mill. We can’t ignore these small problems, because the details determine success or failure. We must pay attention to repair and maintenance work of Limestone Grinding Mill In the daily production process.

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