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The Precautions When We Are Using The Limestone Grinding Mill2016-12-21 08:49:20

The limestone grinding mill is one of the most common grinding equipments which are widely used in limestone powder processing. But as users of the grinding mill, in our daily maintenance, what should we pay attention to?


1. To ensure normal operation of the limestone grinding mill, we must take a good care of the grinding mill. And at the same time is necessary to lubricant the grinding mill and other corresponding accessories. And we all know that after the grinding mill is used for a long time, the grinding rings, rollers, blade and other parts can not work well, in this moment, we should check if there are something wrong in the grinding mill. And then, find and solve the problems.


2. Replace the grinding rollers which are used more than 500 hours in the limestone grinding mill in time, and washing the rolling bearing which is in the roller sleeve. And at the same time, replace the wear parts in time. By the way, we can use manual pumps and grease gun as the fueling tools.


 limestone grinding mill


3. When we are using the limestone grinding mill, there must have someone in the grinding mill side that could attention the working status of the grinding mill, and the operator must have a certain level of technology. Before the limestone grinding mill is installation, it's necessary to take a technical training for the operators, so that they could understand the principle of equipment performance, and familiar with the operating procedures.


Above, are the problems which we will meet when we are using the limestone grinding mill. Clirik reminds you that if you want to make your grinding mill supply a good service for you, you should take good care of it, just like treat our children.

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