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Application of Limestone Grinding Mill in China2017-07-04 09:07:05

When we choosing limestone powder processing machine, how to choose is very important. Only a good selection of mill a quality, play in the late production application can be better, how to identify some of the unqualified products are always our customers have headache, in the production of milling machine manufacturers in China market needs more big, too many to count, the machine quality is more complex. No quality standard, no qualified level, for our customers is undoubtedly not a maximum degree of obstruction, so in the purchase of the mill must be careful when.


limestone powder production line


Through the deep processing of limestone grinding mill, can be widely used in all kinds of skin: powder and talcum powder in cosmetic medicine; medicine tablet, medicine powder, food additives, isolation agent; coating products of white pigment, paint, paint protection; all kinds of packing paper and cardboard, wood pitch control agent; plastic products polypropylene, nylon, PVC and other plastic filler; rubber filler and rubber adhesive; cable rubber plasticizer, cable isolation agent; wireless electric porcelain, all kinds of industrial ceramics; waterproof materials, waterproof coating, waterproof ointment; senior paint, plastic, rubber, cosmetics and other cable.


Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co. Ltd. to provide a full set of limestone powder production line for customers, from raw ore crushing, conveying, pulverizing and packaging of all equipment provided, and for customers on site design, send technical personnel free installation and commissioning of equipment.


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