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Choose Limestone Grinding Mill, Which Brand is Better?2017-07-11 09:19:11

There is a long time we have no talk about limestone grinding mill. However, as we all know, limestone grinding mill is one of good quality mining equipment which special for ultra fine limestone powder making. And look through all the powder grinding mill manufacturer in the market. Shanghai Clirik is one of good limestone grinding mill supplier, we can supply limestone grinding mill for our customers, not only have a good quality, but also with cheaper price.

Compare with other brand limestone grinding mill in this market. Shanghai Clirik limestone grinding mill is mainly having these advantages as following:

1. High yield, the production of limestone grinding mill can reach 45 tons, and the product screening rate as high as 97%.

2. High fineness, through the Clirik limestone mill grinding, limestone powder of the highest fineness of 3000 mesh, that is 5 microns.

limestone grinding mill

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, compared to other mills on the market, our limestone superfine grinding machine, if the machine cavity, did not reach the expected level of product fineness, the unqualified materials will be re grinding, greatly avoid waste.

4. A wider range of applications, limestone grinding mill is not only suitable for fine limestone powder making, but also can be used in processing more than 200 kinds of stone grinding materials, such as: bentonite, dolomite, calcium carbonate, talc, calcite, marble, etc.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional grinding mill manufacturer. We have devoted into mining equipment R&D and production for more than 20 years. If you are interested in buying one limestone grinding mill, welcome to come to our factory to visit. Or you can leave your message on our website page, our sales manager who full of knowledge about our grinding mill, would contact you as soon as possible.


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