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What Are the Main Auxiliary Equipments of Limestone Grinding Mill?2017-07-25 09:22:00

In the production of limestone grinding mill, the mill is the core equipment in the production. However, in order to complete the whole grinding operation, it also needs some related auxiliary equipment to help each other. Usually, the main equipment of the limestone mill is bucket elevator, vibrating feeder and dust collector. Here, we give a brief description of the main equipment of the above mentioned limestone mills.


Bucket elevator: general, bucket type lifting machine comprises a shell, a turbine box, a bearing seat, chain wheel, chain, pulley and bucket etc. The turbine box is mainly composed of turbine, turbine and box. At work, the motor drives the belt pulley to rotate, and then is transmitted to the sprocket by the turbine reducing mechanism. At this time, driven by the rotation of the chain and sprocket exhausted fighting for the vertical lifting movement. Thereby lifting the feed hopper to the host for grinding.


limestone grinding mill


Vibrating feeder: after the limestone is transported to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, the electromagnetic vibration feeder supplies the material evenly and quantitatively to the receiving equipment, which is the necessary equipment for the automation of the flow line. As the electromagnetic vibration feeder is simple structure, easy to operate and less power consumption, it can supply material for the limestone grinding mill evenly and quantitatively. It has been widely used in the production of limestone powder.


Dust removal device: as we all know, resulting in the production of powder limestone dust pollution is large, in order to maintain a good working environment, to avoid serious air pollution, we generally grinding machines are equipped with professional dedusting equipment. At present, commonly used limestone grinding mill dust removal device, bag filter and pulse dust collector.


To sum up, it is easy to see that in the process of limestone grinding mill, in order to achieve good powder grinding effect and ensure the smooth and efficient production of the grinding production line, the corresponding supporting equipment is essential. Shanghai Clirik reminded our friends, in the limestone grinding mill to buy matching equipment, we must choose the appropriate size according to their needs.


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