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Shanghai Clirik Limestone Grinding Mill: Superfine Vertical Mill2017-07-18 09:26:37

We usually use limestone grinding mill as an important tool for producing limestone powder. Shanghai Clirik recommends that you use superfine vertical mill to produce limestone powder, with a powder fineness of 5-75 μm. Clirik vertical mill has high abrasion resistance, automatic slag grinding function, is preferably mechanical ash. At present, superfine vertical mill is one of the most advanced limestone mills.


1. Limestone grinding mill, superfine grinding processing products can be widely used in limestone, calcite, marble, calcium carbonate, kaolin, barite, bentonite, Ye Lashi and other non - metal mineral. Clirik CLUM vertical mill adopts dynamic and static combination type classifier, and the product fineness can be adjusted between 300 mesh -3000 mesh (5-75 μm). Can be widely used in superfine grinding processing products of limestone, calcite, marble, calcium carbonate, kaolin, barite, bentonite, Ye Lashi and other non-metallic minerals, is a high yield, fine powder processing equipment, environmental protection and energy saving.


Limestone grinding mill


2. Limestone vertical mill working principle of motor drive speed reducer drives the disc rotation, for grinding materials from lock feeding equipment into a rotary disc center, under the action of centrifugal force, the materials to move into the surrounding disc, grinding roller. Under the action of the roll pressure, the material is crushed and crushed by grinding and shearing.


3. Hot air from the wind ring around the lap up to high speed uniform, high speed airflow grinding material by wind blowing ring, on the one hand, coarse material is blown back to the millstone grinding again, on the other hand drying of suspended material, fine powder by hot air into fine powder separator grading qualified along with the gas outflow mill collection down by collecting equipment, namely the unqualified products, coarse powder separator in blade under again to grinding, grinding, re feeding together with new material so the cycle, complete the whole process of grinding operation.


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