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The Application of Limestone Grinding Mill2018-04-20 14:04:22

Limestone has been used in many fields all the time. Despite its application in construction, nowadays it has great value for industrialization. With the help oflimestone grinding mill, it can be the raw material for many products. Specifically speaking, limestone can be applied in many areas, such as cement production, lime powder desulphurization and extraction of ultra-fine active calcium carbonate.
And how can producers maximize the use of limestone? Then limestone grinding mill must be the choice.Under such circumstance, improving the powder fineness of limestone grinding mill has been a central concern of its manufacturers.
Generally speaking, the fineness of powder produced by high pressure grinding mill is usually between 200 to 800 mesh, which can meet common request. Actually, vertical mill also can meet the basic need with high capacity. However, if higher powder fineness is needed, you should choose ultra-fine vertical mill. The ultra-fine limestone vertical mill’s working principle is very similar to other traditional vertical mill. First, the crusher part of the machine will cut the material into a certain fineness, and then the material will be put into the storage hopper by the elevator. Since the material has been put into the grinding cavity of main body, the whole grinding process begins.
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