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Have you ever heard about Clirik limestone vertical mill?2018-05-16 14:52:24

The vertical mill as the advanced equipment for raw material powder milling is developing forward national production and large type, with spreading application prospect. This equipment can be applied in processing limestone. Limestone vertical mill from Clirik is characterized by high yield, high efficiency, environmental protection, low carbon and stable operation. And our company will design the most suitable machine with the best price for our customers.
It is known that limestone is easily accessible and widely distributed in nature. This facilitates its extensive use in many industrial fields. Limestone is used as the main material for producing cement, calcium carbide. After it is grinded by limestone vertical mill, the limestone powder can be used in more fields, such as paper-making, rubber, oil paint, medicine and so on.
As for manufacturers who produce limestone grinding mills, the development of limestone industry is both opportunity and challenge. Providing the ideal equipment for the clients and raising the added value of the machine cannot be waited anymore. Under such circumstance, our company combines the research achievements and advanced technology abroad together. Based on this, high capacity has been reached while the investment cost decreases. In addition, this mill is equipped with superfine grading system, which means that it can produce powder with 325-2500 mesh.

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