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Limestone micro powder grinding mill≠limestone grinding mill2018-06-06 14:43:25

 Limestone usually contains dolomite and clay minerals. When its clay mineral content reaches 25%~50%, it is called argillaceous rock. When its dolomite content reaches 25%~50%, it is called dolomitic limestone. Limestone is widely distributed, homogeneous in lithology and easy to mine and process. It is a widely used building material.
Customers who search for limestone grinding mill may find limestone micro powder grinding mill. Then what is limestone micro powder grinding mill? Well, its name tells us that the limestone powder produced by this machine can reach a high fineness. Is there any difference between the two mills? There is no doubt that the answer is yes.
The most obvious difference is reflected in their powder fineness. The fineness of final limestone powder produced buy the ultra-fine grinding machine can reach between 325 and 2000 mesh, which is higher than the product of other limestone grinding equipment. The next is their operational reliability. The ultrafine grinding mill, which has been improved on the basis of previous limestone grinding equipment, contains no screws inside. This means that there will be no accident of screw loosing, providing more security assurance.
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