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How to clean the iron scraps of finished powder?2018-06-12 17:30:02

 Limestone has been used in many fields all the time. Despite its application in construction, nowadays it has great value for industrialization. With the help of limestone grinding mill, it can be the raw material for many products. Specifically speaking, limestone can be applied in many areas, such as cement production, lime powder desulphurization and extraction of ultra-fine active calcium carbonate.
The reason for the iron scraps in the finished material processed by the limestone ultrafine grinding machine is mainly due to the wear of the grinding roll and the grinding ring. Because of the wear of the two parts of limestone ultrafine grinding machine, the iron dropped from them will be mixed in the material, thus causing iron in the finished material. In order to solve this problem, some people used to change the original material of grinding roller ring to ceramic. However, this is not the suitable method. What’s more, it is easy to cause breakage. Now the best way is to carry out magnetic separation and acid washing after the finished product is collected, which is the more effective method at present. The removal of iron in the body solves the "false appearance" of the ultrafine milling machine's impurity.
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