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If the powder enters into the bearing of limestone ultra fine grinding machine...2018-07-07 16:54:56

 During the working process of limestone ultra fine grinding machine, if the powder enters into the bearing part, it will cause the pollution of the internal lubricating oil. For this phenomenon, we need to find the reasons and then solve them in a targeted way.
Generally speaking, there are two main reasons why the powder can enter into the bearing. One is lack of lubricating oil, and another is that the bearing equipment is short of repair for a long time. For the shortage of lubricating oil may be cause by seal ring damage. When we use the ultra-fine grinding machine powder equipment, we need to regularly add lubricating oil in case of its sudden lack. As for the problem of seal ring damage, it is usually due to long-term work load. Therefor, replacing the seal ring in time is required.
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