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Get to know the good-performance limestone ultra fine powder grinding mill2018-07-14 15:11:43

 Limestone is most used in the cement industry. Besides, limestone is also used for making glass soda and many other industrial materials after being grinded.
Compared with other traditional stone grinding machines, the limestone ultra fine grinding mill can save more than 30% energy. Limestone micro powder grinding mill has many obvious advantages. In addition to the high quality after-sales service, our company can provide the most suitable machine for customers according to their different demands.
The fine grinding efficiency of limestone ultra fine grinding mill is high, and the grinding roller is used to directly crush and grind the powder material on the grinding disc. The whole system is equipped with automatic control system. It can realize remote control. The contact limit device avoids destructive impact and severe vibration. The most significant point of micro powder grinding is its small vibration, low noise and high overall sealing. The system can prevent from dust spillover in the negative pressure state.
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