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Did you ignore these when operating limestone Raymond mill?2018-07-25 16:22:01

Some minor faults of limestone Raymond mill are easily overlooked, and these faults can lead to unnecessary big failures and affect production. Here, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd. Would like to tell you what faults are most likely to be ignored in Raymond mill.
The loosening of the screws at the pipe link and the serious wear of the washer, which will cause the leakage of air, thus affecting the output. The operators are supposed to tighten the screw and replace with the new washer.
There may be the problem that too much material accumulated in the wind tunnel. Many people will ignore this problem and they think that the material in the grinding chamber will be drawn away by the wind. However, some materials will be smooth after a long-time processing. These materials will be accumulated in the air duct. The blower capacity would be not enough to blow these accumulated materials. When the time is long, the operation of the shovel will meet great resistance, then the material can not be thrown up by the shovel. In this case, it is necessary to stop the machine and open several doors under the wind tunnel to clean up.
The loosening of the fan triangle belt may be also a challenge. Generally, when the belt is adjusted well, it can float up and down with 1 cm. If it is too loose, the wind air volume decreases, resulting in the oversize of the powder and the decrease of the output.
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