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Whole limestone processing plant2018-07-19 17:31:39

 The ore grinding powder processing line is an independent production line for the production and processing of non-metallic minerals. The common non-metallic ore includes lime, gypsum, limestone and so on. This grinding line is suitable for various building materials, chemical, mine, medicine, building and other fields.
Let’s look at the limestone processing plant here. In the whole grinding line, it can be divided into crushing, conveying, grinding, powder selection and so on. So the grinding machine alone can not complete the whole grinding work and needs the coordination of other equipment. What equipment do we need to configure the whole ore grinding production line?
A crusher is needed and jaw crusher is recommended here. Because jaw crusher can be said to be the core equipment in the mining crusher industry, it is suitable for the rough and medium crushing of various soft and medium hard ore.The second one is feeder transportation equipment-bucket elevator and vibrating feeder. The bucket elevator is a transportation equipment which is applied to lift various granular ore clay. The main function of the vibrating feeder is to ensure that the material enters the crusher evenly, avoiding the phenomenon of feeding block, and cutting off the material.The grinding body is the core equipment of ore grinding powder production line. Separator is the classification equipment, it can effectively send fine powder to the collection device, and provide convenience for the final product packaging. Remember that dust removal equipment cannot be ignored.
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