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Limetone micro powder in building materials and the suitable grinding machine2018-09-19 15:37:47

 The cement commonly used in building materials is a clinker made of limestone and clay mixed with high temperature calcination.
The performance of cement and concrete can be improved by grinding limestone and clinker together, or replacing part of cement in concrete with limestone powder. In the early stage, limestone powder in cement concrete is only used as inert material, and mainly to play its filling effect, nucleation effect and dilution effect. In fact, the limestone powder can also improve the particle size distribution of cement and promote the hydration and hardening process of cement. In addition, calcium carbonate in limestone can react with aluminum in cement to form hydrated calcium aluminate. This material can increase the volume of hydration products and improve the pore structure of the paste.
Dolomite is an associated mineral of limestone, so it is also one of the impurities that affect the quality of limestone used in cement or concrete. And what are the effects of dolomite micro powder or limestone powder on the strength of cement mortar? Generally speaking, the strength of mortar decreases with the increase of dolomite powder or limestone powder added to cement. But this effect is changed according to the change of reaction stage. In the early and middle stage of reaction, the strengthening effect of dolomite powder on cement strength is less than that of limestone powder with the same fineness. However, in the later stage, the strength of dolomite powder enhanced the strength of cement.
Limestone powder plays a role of filling, nucleation and dilution in cement, and it also reacts with other substances to form carboaluminate. The filling effect of limestone powder is related to its fineness and size distribution, while the dilution effect is related to the amount of limestone powder used.
Limestone micro powder is mentioned here. And it cannot be separated from the limestone micro powder grinding machine, or you can call it limestone ultra-fine powder grinding mill. Limestone ultra-fine powder grinding mill (limestone processing line) is usually composed of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, limestone micro-grinding machine, frequency classifier, double cyclone collector, pulse dust removal system, high-pressure fan, air compressor, electrical control system and so on. Large pieces of limestone are crushed by hammer crusher into feeding granularity (about 1 cm), so that it can be suitable for the operation of ultra-fine grinder, and then the fineness suitable for production requirements can be achieved by adjusting the rotational speed of the mill analyzer. According to the needs of customers, other auxiliary equipment can be optionally equipped on site.

limestone micro powder grinding machine

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