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Dust collector working in limestone grinding mill2018-10-09 09:35:51

 Dust collector is a crucial part of limestone processing plant. In the production of limestone powder, dust pollution is unavoidable. In order to further reduce dust pollution to the environment, effectively ensure the working environment of operators, reduce waste of resources, how should we improve the dust removal effect of limestone grinding machine?
First, proper sprinkling at the limestone mill inlet is suggested.
Before we use the limestone processing machine to grind the limestone powder, we usually crush the limestone material with larger particle size. The drying degree of the limestone after crushing is different. For the drier limestone materials, when conveying the limetone ore into the grinding chamber for grinding, we can spray water appropriately at the entrance of the equipment to improve the dust removal effect of the dust collector, aggravate the filter bag paste bag of the bag dust collector, and then reduce the dust content. 
Next, pay attention to the air leakage problem of dividing wheels.
In the working process of limestone mill, the bag dust collector used is not continuous operation, but intermittent dust cleaning. When the dedusting device works normally, the air leakage will occur in the grille, which not only affects the dedusting effect, but also affects the purity of the finished product to a certain extent. Therefore, we must not neglect the problem of air leakage of grinding wheel, and must improve it in grinding operation.
Third, timely replacement of accessories is necessary.
In the production of limestone powder, the performance and quality of grinding machine accessories will not only affect the production and maintenance of equipment, but also exert impact on the dust removal effect of dust removal device. Therefore, when we use the limestone grinder, we should pay close attention to the working effect of the grinder accessories, wear condition of real-time inspection and monitoring, and do a good job of the corresponding maintenance records, thus ensuring that the performance of the parts intact. And for the more serious wear functional decline parts, replacement cannot be waited.

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