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Why do we choose Raymond mill for processing limestone2018-12-17 15:17:09

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. Limestone can be made into quicklime by calcination. Lime and limestone are commonly used as building materials and important raw materials for many industries. Limestone is a valuable resource with wide distribution and abundant reserves. It can be used in the production of cement or plastics and coatings. The common processing of limestone is to use special grinding equipment to make limestone powder and then apply it to various industries. Limestone grinding mill is mainly used for the grinding of lime, so as to expand limestone applicable area.
After the limestone grinding, the fan blows the wind into the main shell, blows up the powder, and then separates it by an analyzer placed above the grinding room. The unqualified material falls into the grinding room for re-grinding. The finished material conforms to the specifications enters the cyclone collector with the wind, and is discharged through the outlet of the powder after collection, which is the finished product.
The air flow is returned to the fan by the return duct at the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The air path is circular and flows under negative pressure. The surplus air volume of the circulation air path is discharged through the waste gas pipeline between the fan and the main engine, and enters to the small cyclone collector for purification.
Attentions in the work of limestone grinding mill
1. Check the bearing temperature frequently. If the temperature is too high, check whether the lubrication and transmission parts are normal, or whether the rolling distance is too tight, etc. Reasons should be found out in time and corresponding measures should be taken. When the situation is serious, the machine should be stopped for inspection.
2. Check the degree of belt tightness frequently. Too loose belt will reduce the transmission efficiency and affect the grinding effect. Too tight belt will easily cause bearing heating, increase power consumption and reduce the service life of the belt.
3. All kinds of transmission parts must be tightened and reliable. Special tools should be used for disassembly or installation. It is forbidden to hit directly with hammer and other tools.
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