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What is your New Year Resolution as "Yuan Dan" comes?2019-01-03 10:57:11

January 1 is the first day of a year.
Do you know how does this day names in Chinese? We call this “yuan dan”.
This name actually has its deeper meanings. In ancient China, “yuan” means a new beginning, and “dan” means the early morning of a day. In addition, the Chinese writhing of “dan” is composed by two “hanzi”( Chinese character). The top one refers to sun in English, and the lower part means the skyline. From this, the picture of the sun rising above the horizon appears in our mind.
“Yuan Dan” is the new year for people in many countries. However, for our Chinese people, the January 1 in lunar calendar is the most meaningful beginning of a year.
Although the date of New Year is different, we share the same joys in New Year. Being together with family and friends, enjoying the delicious food, sharing the experiences, all these make us a better self.
Speaking of New Year, what is your New Year resolution in 2019?
As a developing company, Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd. will put more effort into the innovation of the stone powder grinding mills. Also, we will learn from our clients and get their advice to serve you better.
How about your new year resolution? We have received several orders in these days. Are you planning to start a new business now?  

Clirik wish you a happy new year

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