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Clirik recommends limestone mill for you2019-02-23 15:46:28

 The limestone mill mainly relies on the hammer of high-speed rotary motion to crush the material, and the vibration during operation is large, which directly leads to frequent failure of the crusher. Common limestone mill failures are mainly the following: limestone superfine grinding is specially used to process limestone. Limestone powder can be used in many fields, and then added to other manufacturing processes, and then applied to various productions. . Limestone is a non-metallic mineral. It is a kaolinite-based clay with good properties and good plasticity and fire resistance. Among the limestones used, it was first used in ceramic production. Later, with the advancement of technology, limestone ore can be ground into very fine powder and then used in other processes.


Limestone mill bearings wear and bearing wear, there are two main solutions. First, repair welding; second, brush plating processing repair. However, if you encounter high heat, the operation will break the shaft and even cause serious accidents. Moreover, the repair by the latter is easy to fall off after a period of operation. Both of the traditional methods will cause wear and tear again. It is recommended that you use a high-tech product on the market. These products have strong adhesion, can quickly and effectively repair worn bearings, and because of the high pressure resistance of the product, It plays a role in extending the service life of the bearing.


Limestone mill bearings are overheated, resulting in three types of bearing overheating, insufficient bearing lubricants, grease deterioration and bearing damage. We mainly solve by adding lubricant in time. If we encounter bearing damage, we need to replace the new bearing;


The percussion sound is generated inside the limestone mill, and the knocking sound is generated inside the machine. There are three main reasons: the debris enters the inside of the crusher; the parts of the fixed part of the liner are loose; the hammer or other parts are damaged. In the event of such a malfunction, we must first stop the operation of the limestone mill to avoid damage to the host equipment. Then, clean the limestone mill; tighten the fixing parts of the liner; and replace the damaged parts in time. The limestone mill is shaken and placed unbalanced, which is the main cause of the imbalance of the limestone mill. Of course, if your machine is worn more seriously, it may cause vibration. Careful inspection of the various components, timely replacement or repair is a good solution.


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