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Limestone powder grinding mill plays in Limestone desulfurization2019-03-06 16:21:32

 The role of calcium carbonate powder in thermal power generation is desulfurization. At present, the most widely used desulfurization method at home and abroad is flue gas desulfurization.
The wet limestone desulfurization process is a typical gas chemical absorption process, and complex chemical reactions occur in the process of flue gas washing. The process of SO2 removal from flue gas is carried out in the three phases of gas, liquid and solid. Gas-liquid reaction and liquid-solid reaction occur.
Main factors affecting desulfurization of limestone powder
1. Quality of Limestone
Usually, the weight percentage of calcium carbonate in limestone should be higher than 85%. If the content is too low, it will bring some problems to the operation due to more impurities, which will increase the consumption of absorbent and transportation cost, and decrease the purity of gypsum. The quality of limestone is determined by CaO content. The higher the purity of limestone is , the better the desulfurization efficiency will be achieved. As a process designer, it is necessary to not only calculate its chemical composition, but also understand its physical properties. Calcium oxide content of limestone grade I is 48%~54%. Limestone does not necessarily require higher CaO content, the better.
2.Limestone Particle Size (Fineness)
The fineness of limestone powder is an important factor affecting desulfurization efficiency. Reaction contact area largely determines the chemical reaction speed. The finer the particles of limestone powder, the larger the mass specific surface area and the larger the contact area of chemical reaction per unit mass. Because the dissolution reaction of limestone is a solid-liquid two-phase reaction, and its reaction rate is proportional to the specific surface area of limestone particles, so the fine limestone particles have good dissolution performance and higher reaction rates. They can react with HSO 3-in the slurry at a faster rate, thus absorbing SO2 gas more quickly, and the desulfurization efficiency and the utilization rate of limestone are higher. A kind of
However, the smaller the particle size of limestone is, the higher the energy consumption of crushing will cost. In order to grind finer limestone powder, a larger limestone powder grinding mill is needed, which consumes more electric energy and increases investment. This requires weighing the advantages and disadvantages and considering comprehensively. The screening rate of limestone powder through 250 mesh sieve or 325 mesh sieve is 90%.

limestone powder grinding mill
Our limestone powder grinding mill can absolutely achieve this goal. Limestone Raymond mill can make the limestone lump into 300-mesh limestone powder. And its hourly capacity can meet most of the clients requirements. With the same powder fineness and motor power, the capacity of Raymond mill is more than twice as high as jet mill , stirred mill and ball mill.

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