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Limestone micro powder vertical mill shipping to Indonesia2019-05-28 16:19:43

Indonesia's limestone reserves are about 34 billion tons, and proven reserves are about 28 billion tons, mainly distributed in the south and north of West Java, East Java, Papua in the east, Bali and Sumatra. In 2004, the output was 4,000 tons and the export was 782 tons.
As we can see that limestone is an abundant natural resources in Indonesia. The processed limestone product has higher value than the raw limestone ore. Giving to this, limestone grinding mill(make limestone into powder) can be essential. In the last few months, there is a client from Indonesia who contact with us requiring for limestone powder grinding machine. Limestone roller mill is now a common equipment in the market. We usually recommend Limestone high pressure grinding mill or limestone micro powder grinding mill for our clients. These two grinding mills are reflected as very effective machine in limestone processing.
Limestone high pressure grinding mill, know for its stable processing capacity, can make it into 30 to 425 mesh powder. And limestone micro powder grinding mill, which stands out for its high-fineness output powder, can grind 2500 mesh powder. This time, the client from Indonesia chooses the micro powder machine, and we have made the suitable design according to his factory size and layout. After a period of hard work, the special-designed limestone micro powder grinding mill is finally on its delivery trip.
Now let us move closer to the delivery preparation.
1.Electric control cabinet

electric control cabinet for micro powder mill
2.Main unit

limestone micro powder grinding mill

limestone micro powder grinding mill

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