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Limestone powder in desulfurization2019-10-23 14:10:13

he fineness of limestone powder is an important factor affecting the desulfurization efficiency. The reaction contact area largely determines the chemical reaction rate. The finer the particles of limestone powder, the larger the mass specific surface area, and the contact area of ​​chemical reaction per unit mass. The bigger. Since the limestone dissolving reaction is a solid-liquid two-phase reaction, the reaction rate is proportional to the specific surface area of ​​the limestone particles. Therefore, the finer limestone particles have good dissolving performance, and various related reaction rates are higher, and the speed can be faster. It reacts with HSO3- in the slurry to absorb sulfur dioxide gas more quickly, and the desulfurization efficiency and limestone utilization rate are higher.
However, the smaller the particle size of limestone, the higher the energy consumption for crushing. To grind into finer limestone powder, it is necessary to have a larger mill and consume higher electric energy, which will increase the cost. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and consider it comprehensively. The limestone powder usually required to pass through a 250 mesh sieve or a 325 mesh sieve has a sieving rate of 90%. At the same time, the particle size of the limestone powder is related to the quality of the limestone. In order to ensure that the desulfurization efficiency and limestone utilization rate reach a certain level, when the content of impurities in the limestone is high, it should be ground finer.
The limestone powder for desulfurization requires a particle size of 250 mesh or 325 mesh (45 μm), and the 325 mesh limestone powder has a better desulfurization effect. However, the preparation of such fine limestone powder, the current main grinding machine is Raymond mill (pendulum mill), suspension roller mill, ball mill or European mill.
The limestone Raymond mill is a type of Raymond mill. The product is divided into different series of models for different materials, different fineness, different output requirements, etc., for different user needs. Applicable to mining, building materials, chemical, metallurgical and other industries, can grind processing more than 300 non-flammable and explosive materials with limestone and chemical raw materials such as Mohs hardness not greater than 7 and humidity below 6%. 


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