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30 Mesh to 3000 Mesh Limestone Grinding Mill/ Limestone Grinding Mill2015-04-22 11:28:51

limestone grinding mill


Limestone powder is also called calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is common mineral in our daily life. It is the main component of limestone and calcite, limestone has wide application in construction and industry, there are two different process of limestone, they are limestone crushing plant and limestone calcining plant.


Limestone grinding mill is also called limestone mill and calcium carbonate grinding mill, which mainly designed for grinding limestone powder. limestone may be a stone composed primarily by spar, stone largest application areas is that the cement producing business. 


Limestone grinding mill usage:

1. Limestone grinding mill compared with other mill roller for material of ground pressure in high pressure under action of the spring of 800kg.

2. Energy saving, capacity and fineness in the same situation, the energy consumption of the system is only a third of jet mill.

3. Small investment, high efficiency, capacity and fineness in the same situation, the high pressure micro powder mill price was only about a quarter of the jet mill.

4. Less production, high-pressure micro powder mill compared with jet mill, jet mill must first 20 mm material crushing to 100 mesh can be processed into superfine powder, and the high pressure micro powder mill directly from 20mm below the feed partilce size, can be a one-time average particle size of 6.5 um ultrafine powder.

5. Grinding device adopts superimposed multistage seal, sealed performance is good.

6. Ultrafine grinding dust, dust removal effect fully meet the national discharge standard.


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