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Limestone grinding mill price/limestone grinding plant welcome to you2015-04-28 14:37:58

What is limestone? 

Limestone is a common non-metallic minerals. China is rich in limestone mineral resources, accounting for over 64% of the world's total reserves, it is an advantage of the natural resources. At present, Russia and India in limestone utilization and deep processing, there are 400 to 500 patent. With the high-grade foreign calcium carbonate material, packing into the Chinese market, and promote domestic technological progress, accelerate the rapid growth of deep processing of calcium carbonate species, and towards the diversification and specialization, the rapid development of fine direction, expanding to open more purposes.

limestone use is widely,and it is a very good market prospects, so the face of this resource in the development of the application, should be carefully chosen, taking the shortest step, the easiest way, the reality of the market, low-cost, high-quality, improve market competitiveness. Situation comprehensive development of deep processing of limestone products at home and abroad to introduce several main purpose of limestone.


First: the production of machinery used foundry sand. Casting sand of limestone production of 28 to 75 mesh, this sand has better performance than the quartz sand, collapsing, and easy to clean off the sand and improve the casting surface quality and increase the casting surface finish, while substantially eliminate hazards workers silicosis . According to statistics, every year only major steel company to outsource foundry sand a few tons, which for the metallurgical industry limestone mine is a potential market.


Second; building materials used in industrial paint and other industries. Limestone grinding mill to 100-200 mesh, can be directly used in the production Flying powder, putty powder powder for building industry; the mixing station, the construction of the expressway and most major raw materials. Limestone grinding coating greatly improved thixotropic system, can significantly improve paint adhesion, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, increase strength and surface finish, and has a good anti-settlement. Partial substitution of titanium dioxide, and reduce costs.


Third: the production of desulfurization absorber. Limestone grinding to 200-325 mesh instead of the original lime or lime in the absorber is mixed with water and stir into the slurry into contact with the flue gas to absorb the slurry mixing, flue gas sulfur dioxide and calcium carbonate slurry and drum into the air Chemical reactions are removed, the final reaction product is gypsum. Flue gas desulfurization heating temperature into the chimney. The maturation process equipment, high desulfurization efficiency, wide range of applications.


Fourth process for the production of filler in plastics, paints and so on. Such as natural calcium carbonate mineral raw materials, namely limestone requirements contained CaCO3 (dry basis): 9810% superior grade, first grade 9610%, Grade 9410%, Fe2O3 ≤011%, Mn ≤0102%, Cu ≤01001%, whiteness of 90 or more. In addition, average particle size is 400-800 purpose powder ore used as paint filler, 800-1250 for a purpose paper fillers, made after 2500 aim by activation ink filler.


The main application areas for limestone, Shanghai Clirik production of high pressure hanging roller grinding mill, three-ring micro powder grinding mill, Raymond mill fineness of its products from 80 mesh to 3000 mesh,these limestone grinding mill machine is the best choice. 

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