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Limestone grinding mill energy efficiency and price2015-07-10 08:46:45


Energy efficient limestone grinding mill is Clirik development and production of ultra-fine ore milling equipment in one, this limestone grinding mill can easily limestone raw materials to 2500mesh, but can be arbitrarily adjusted between 200-2500 mesh, It is currently the limestone powder processing industry the most ideal grinding equipment. Energy efficient limestone grinding mill to the emergence of limestone powder industry has brought new vigor for development, so far, limestone grinding mill equipment has been widely used in domestic and international projects, the effect is very obvious.

limestone grinding mill

Limestone grinding mill is a new type of milling device, can be applied not only to the industry limestone powder, calcium carbonate powder may be applied to the processing industry, processing calcite powder, talc processing, gypsum powder processing, and other industries ore powder efficiency high productivity milling fineness, technology and features of the milling equipment.


On the basis of the milling equipment, energy saving, Clirik limestone grinding mill uses a self-developed distribution cabinet and distribution system can give different equipment configured with different power supply systems, the current stability of the parts, thereby achieving the energy saving effect After milling equipment with the domestic comparative data show that the same material, the same fineness, the company's ultra-fine grinding equipment about saving up to 30%, which has been recognized by domestic and foreign experts.

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