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Differences of limestone hammer mill and Limestone Sand Making Machine2015-07-17 15:30:42

Limestone hammer mill is designed to produce 0-3mm or 0-8mm coarse powders. But many investors have the question that we can use Limestone Sand Making Machine to produce this size particles instead of using the limestone hammer mill. It looks like right, but in fact it is inoperable.


Differences of limestone hammer mill and Limestone Sand Making Machine

Firstly, the invest cost of Limestone Sand Making Machine is higher than limestone hammer mill.


According to our statistics, the cost of one Limestone Sand Making Machine is almost triple limestone hammer mill. And Limestone Sand Making Machine must be used with vibrating screens, investors must add their budget to purchase the vibrating screens. Many more machines also means much more foundation space and much more invest cost on building foundation.


Secondly, limestone hammer mill has lower production costs


For many reasons, the 0-3mm particles take low ratio of the Limestone Sand Making Machine handling capacity, most of materials must be recrushed for many times. Obviously, the energy consumption will be very high and the quick-wear parts will wear out easily and the production cost will be very high. It is really uneconomical. Besides the two factors, the labor cost should also be taken into consideration.


As we all know that the Limestone Sand Making Machine is usually equipped with vibrating screen, which is able to separate the qualified particles from crushed products. So operators should also take care of the screen and the labor cost is increased. But limestone hammer mill need not to use any screens, the crushing and screening processes are finished in the crushing chamber. The above analysis shows that limestone hammer mill is a better choice if investors just want to produce 0-3mm coarse powder but producing construction sand. Currently, coarse has been widely used in glass, fertilizer, ceramic, chemical and mineral grinding industries. It is also be used as the crusher in the font of superfine grinding line.


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