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Formal operation methods of limestone grinding mill2015-08-05 15:45:44


Limestone in our lives is a big role, so there are more and more manufacturers production and processing of limestone , so that the grinding mill manufacturers is a support, the grinder on the market there are many types of limestone production and development grinding mill manufacturers.




limestone grinding mill Limestone is a valuable natural resource, is used to make things such as glass and concrete. In modern industry, limestone powder is widely used in cement production line. Under normal circumstances, the basic building blocks of limestone, aggregate, cement, lime, building stone of a primary material in the construction industry.

It is because of mass production of limestone grinding mill, so the operation is more formal method to pay attention to ensure that the life of limestone grinding mill workers when using limestone grinding mill should be familiar with the regular operation command. Before installing limestone grinding mill, the workers should receive technical training, and fully understand the operating principles and regulations. To ensure the normal operation of the grinding mill in the state, the safe operation of the system must be established, it is necessary maintenance tools, lubricants and grease, spare parts and accessories, at intervals, limestone grinding mill should be subject to inspection and repair. Components mill are easy to wear, such as roller, grinding ring, relieve tool. Rolling the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and should be replaced damaged parts, oiling tool can be manual injection pump or grease.


Clirik technical staff summarize a set of detailed operating procedures grinders, grinding mill before starting, you should check whether all access doors closed tight, jaw crusher clearance check whether the feed grain size, adjust the analyzer speed should reach approximate finished size requirements. Finally, according to the order of the boot. 1, start the hoist; 2, starting jaw crusher; 3, to be there after the material hopper, start analysis machines; 4, start the blower (air load start running until after the load); 5, start the host, Then start the host instant starts electromagnetic vibrating feeder. At this grinding work is begun. According to the following order closes down each machine: Turn off the feeder stops feeding; about one minute after the cessation host; after blowing the powder remaining stop the fan; and finally close analysis machine. Stop order: Feeder → host → blower → analysis machine.

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