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Clirik limestone grinding mill applied2015-09-01 11:20:12


In the cement manufacturing industry the most widely used material is limestone. Limestone for the cement industry, and therefore investment in limestone grinding mill production line, processing limestone for cement manufacturing is a good way to obtain economic benefits.

limestone grinding mill


At present, Shanghai Clirik has developed with independent intellectual property rights and the successful application of the cement industry in the raw material, coal, slag cement grinding operations and various types of grinding mill.


Want better processing limestone, you need to select excellent grinding mill, crusher, with the constant rise in recent years, China grinding mill industry, but also led the grinding mill science and technology continue to advance.processing limestone to choose to select a different fine powder discharging degrees limestone grinding mill, can produce a variety of uses for limestone fines, to meet the processing requirements of various industries. Shanghai Clirik gridning mill as one of China's most promising producers in the grinding mill production has accumulated many successful experiences, the production of grinding mill series including Raymond mill, high pressure roller mill, three-ring Fourth Ring speed powder mill, etc. as well as some equipment, mainly for various minerals processing, product size arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 20-2500 mesh, high yield, stable performance.


Now,Has been for many domestic investors limestone powder production line successfully installed a full mill production lines for customers to obtain economic benefits provided a guarantee to strengthen the brand power clirik Grinding mill process is simple, small footprint, low construction costs, low noise, low wear, easy operation, etc.; widely used in industrial production aspects. After nearly a century of development, the mill has been very mature technology, foreign companies have developed various types of vertical mill, were a success.


Clirik production with independent intellectual property rights of various models already selling overseas limestone grinding mill, limestone grinding mill in production, performance, product fineness and other technical indicators have caught up or exceeded their foreign counterparts. Clirik mill relying on its own technological innovation, improve product quality, improve after-sales service. Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., Ltd., has been recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts to "powder expert."

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