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Energy Saving and Environmental Protection of Limestone Mill2016-09-02 08:18:29

With economic development, people take more and more attention on "energy saving, environmental protection".

When the industry creates huge economic benefits, but also brings a lot problems of environmental pollution. Sulfur dioxide is one of the main pollutants. Using Limestone Mill of Shanghai Clirik to achieve desulfurization of thermal power plant, reduces sulfur dioxide emissions effectively.

Limestone-gypsum desulfurization process, which uses Limestone Mill, is the most widely used in the world. 90% of thermal power plants in Germany, Japan and America use this process .

Its working principle is: Add water into limestone powder, it’s used as absorbent into the absorber to full contact with the flue gas. Sulfur dioxide of flue gas and calcium carbonate of slurry react with the air from the lower of pagoda to produce calcium sulfate. After calcium sulfate reaches a certain saturation, It’s crystallized into gypsum.


After discharged by the absorber, gypsum slurry was concentrated, dehydrated to a moisture content less than 10%. And then it’s sent to the gypsum silo by conveyor to be stacked. Droplets from flue gas after desulfurization are removed by demister and heated up by heat exchanger, at last it is discharged into the atmosphere by the chimney. Since the desulfurization slurry is contacted with the flue gas repeatedly by circulation pump, utilization of absorbent is high, content of calcium and sulfur is low, desulfurization efficiency can be reached 95%.

As China's economy continues to develop, "energy saving, green carbon" has become a new development model. Features of new high-tech industrialization are high-tech, information technology, good economic returns, low resources consumption. Limestone Mill of Shanghai Clirik Perfectly explains this scientific connotation.

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