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Prevention Measures of Dust Explosion in Powder Industry2016-09-09 09:42:53

Dust explosion is a phenomenon of significant pressure, temperature leap when the flame spreads in the diffuse dust cloud in space. When you use Grinding Mills to deal with explosive and inflammable substances. Dust explosion protection measures include explosion prevention and explosion protection. Preventing the occurrence of an explosion by eliminating the conditions of the explosion (ignition source, explosive dust cloud, air or oxygen) is known as explosion prevention; Taking protective measures in the dust explosion to reduce the explosion loss or to prevent the occurrence of an explosion is known as the explosion protection. For the flammable and explosive dust, we must use the appropriate preventive and protective measures to avoid and reduce dust combustion and explosion, to prevent the occurrence of "secondary explosion" or "multiple explosion" to reduce the loss caused by the explosion. 


In this paper, we mainly discuss prevention measures of dust explosion:


1. To prevent ignition source of dust explosion. The main equipment used spark detector and extinguishing system. The measures are as follows:
1) prevent open flame;
2) prevent mechanical sparks and equipment overheating;
3) use explosion-proof electrical equipment;
4) prevent static electricity and spontaneous combustion;


grinding mills


2. To prevent the formation of explosive dust cloud, measures are as follows:


1) nitrogen, carbon dioxide or inert gas inerting;
2) Add inert dust to the dust;
3) control dust concentration outside the explosion limit;
4) prevent dust deposition.


The above protective measures can be combined to achieve economic and practical purposes.


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