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Use of Powder Technology in Food Processing2016-09-22 09:40:50

Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy. Internationally recognized, superfine powder processing technology is one of the top ten food science and technology in the 21st century.Supermicro food processing technology is one of the effective utilization of agricultural technology promotion measures to solve agricultural production, an important technical supportting farmers' income and agricultural products deep processing. 


Currently the world's food processing technology is developed rapidly, using high-tech deep processing of food after another. This has brought huge profits and strong competitiveness for enterprise in international markets. 


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Many nutrient-rich plant stems and fruit can be used for direct consumption by the body to digest because of due to limitations of processing techniques. Improving the utilization of edible organisms is the purpose of the development of deep processing technology. 


Ultrafine grinding plant is an effective solution to cell wall, improve taste and increase the consumption of human digestion and absorption of key technologies. In the health foods, meaning of ultrafine grinding technology is more prominent. With the improvement of people's living standards, seeking new health-food nutrition is a big trend.In foreign countries, fiber health food has become a popular commodity in the international market, and popular with consumers. 


Ultrafine grinding technology of food industry in China has just started. However, as China gradually into the international food industry, food ultrafine grinding technology will become urgent one of the development of science and technology, it will bring new business opportunities for the rapid development of China's food industry.  

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